The SoFlo Morning Show‘s Kimmy B sits down with Selena Gomez and K-Pop group BLACKPINK. Selena speaks on collaborating with Blackpink, and her upcoming beauty line. BLACKPINK speaks on being inspired by Selena, and open up about their upcoming documentary. Watch the entire interview now!

Ice, Selena Gomez and Blackpink talk their success of “Ice Cream,” Selena’s new Rare Beauty makeup line and how their music helps bring their fans out of the dark times they may be going through.

Selena Gomez will be the new Best of Beauty cover of Allure magazine in October! The young entrepreneur and star of the new brand ‘Rare Beauty’ gave an interview to the magazine. An interview to be found exclusively on the site! + Photographer Micaiah Carter captured the moment and let’s just say Selena is absolutely gorgeous. Find all the photos in the gallery.

Selena’s bestfriend Theresa Mingus have posted a new picture of Selena modeling for her brand LA’MARIETTE, wearing the Caroline top & Caroline bottom in the print “Day Trip”. She looks absolutely gorgeous and natural!!

Rare Beauty has been officially launched for several hours now: enough to have the reaction of many people who were lucky enough to receive their package in preview (in particular many celebrities). So it’s now official: you can go to or to Sephora, Sephora Canada and Sephora Mexico to buy your own products from Selena’s brand makeup.

Sadly, due to the current global pandemic, delivery is not yet open internationally but will certainly be in the coming months. Only U.S., Canadians and Mexicans have the opportunity to try the brand at the moment!

+ I’ve added +5HQ promotional photos of Selena for Rare Beauty to the gallery! She looks gorgeous!