Hey everyone! I added 19 medium quality photos of Selena on the set of her recent music video ‘Boyfriend‘. Check them out now in the gallery! + I’m trying to upload as much photos as possible during this quarantine time so make sure to check the gallery frequently. Enjoy!

Selena is a self-proclaimed Friends superfan, but she seems to be ‘pretty rusty’ when it comes to her trivia knowledge. In a recent video with Interview magazine, she was quizzed about the NBC series, and let’s just say it didn’t go so well. While Gomez was off to a good start (she remembered the names of Monica and Chandeler’s kids’ and Joey’s stuffed penguin), things took a turn after the tenth question. In her defence, the questions were tough. “We gotta edit some of this because I’m letting a lot of people down,” Gomez said, before revealing that she’s been cheating on Friends and watching Will & Grace recently. Watch Gomez take the Friends trivia quiz below!

Selena gave an interview recently for Interview Magazine and was photographed by Eli Russell Linnetz. I added 9 HQ pictures to the gallery! You can check the whole interview here. She looks super hot!

Selena has related a new music video for her new song ‘Boyfriend‘! Check it out below!

Welcome to Sel-Gomez.com!
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Welcome to Sel-Gomez.com, your fan site for all things Selena Gomez. Please note that it’s still a fresh new site, I’m still adding photos to the Gallery so it’s not complete yet! Please check around the site to see if anything peaks your interest and if it does make sure to you tell your friends to check out our site as well. Thanks for visiting us and I look forward to seeing you back here on a daily basis.