Selena have disappeared from socials these past few months but she made a quick apparition last night as she released a new song she features in, recorded with Trevor Daniel. It’s called ‘Past Life‘ and let’s be honest, It’s bomb! Make sure to Stream it now and listen to the song below! She’s so sweet in the video ♥

Hello everyone! Selena posted 4 new selfies last night (May 19) on her Instagram and Rare Beauty’s official Instagram page wearing Rare Beauty’s make-up products. She’s very lovely!

@selenagomez: I had an urge to put my make up on. My papa noticed then proceeded to ask “why do you look like that?” He whistled as he walked away. So there’s that. Wearing all @rarebeauty 😉💋

@rarebeauty: Playing with makeup sometimes just feels good. 💖

Hey everyone! Selena finally went out for a short walk with a friend in Los Angeles yesterday (May 15). I added 15 HQ photos to the gallery! Check them out! She looks adorable!

We don’t have a lot of news of Selena recently due to the quarantine but as we all know, Rare Beauty is coming very soon at Sephora (this summer) and we can’t wait to use the products! The Instagram account @RareBeauty have posted a new photo of Selena behind the scene of her upcoming project! She looks adorable as always!

Hey everyone! On Saturday (May 9), Selena was seen packing up some luggage for a travel day in Los Angeles. I added 12HQ pictures to the Gallery! Check them out!

Hey everyone! I added some new medium quality photos of Selena behind the scene of her new upcoming project ‘Rare Beauty‘ coming this summer at Sephora. I can’t wait to use these products! She looks adorable as always!

Just added two new personal photos of Selena during her quarantine. She can now work from home as she had installed a studio in her home! I can’t wait for some new musics! Check them out in the gallery, she looks adorable!