SELPINK IN YOUR AREA! ‘Ice Cream’ is finally here and it’s bomb! The girls are gorgeous and it’s impossible not to love it! Check out the music video below and don’t forget to stream the song on every platforms! ♥

We’re only ONE day away from the Ice Cream song and video! The Blackpink girls have posted an official teaser on their youtube plateforme! It looks bomb and Selena looks absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to be tomorrow!! I also added two promotional photos and a new poster to the gallery!

It’s almost time… In two days, Ice Cream comes out! To promote the upcoming song, a teasing poster of Selena was released this morning and she looks absolutely fabulous on it! ♥ Check it out below!

Selena’s upcoming song Ice Cream featuring BlackPink is officially coming out with a music video!! I can’t wait to see Selena with the girls in it! I added a photo of Selena on the set! She looks gorgeous as always!

@selenagomez: Check out how we shot the Past Life music video while still social distancing. This thing is called the Scan Truck. I stepped into it on my own and it scanned my face up close, which is why the music video looks so real! Sometimes technology and art are the perfect match.

Hey everyone! I added 19 medium quality photos of Selena on the set of her recent music video ‘Boyfriend‘. Check them out now in the gallery! + I’m trying to upload as much photos as possible during this quarantine time so make sure to check the gallery frequently. Enjoy!