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20 August 13, 2020 0 comment Posted by Alison Instagram, Photos

Selena posted two new pictures on her Instagram and @RareBeauty’s account to celebrate her new mini tv-series ‘Selena + Chef‘. The first episode will be airing today on HBO max! I’ll post it as soon as it’s available!

@selenagomez: Things I’ve been doing in quarantine- settling into my new house and guitar lessons 🥰

Yay! We finally have some news from Selena! She posted a new video that she have recorded for her fans. Watch it below! She’s lovely as always and I can’t wait to see her upcoming projects.

@selenagomez: a message from me ❤️

Many friends of Selena organized a party for her 28th birthday, including her friend Raquelle Stevens who posted a picture of the spot where they celebrated! You can take a look at the picture below! It looked super cute and adorable. I love the colors! Selena also posted a picture to thank her fans for all the birthday wishes ♥

@selenagomez: Left my phone for most of yesterday to be present in the moment, but have been reading all of your posts today. Just wanted to say thank you for every single message- I feel so much love from y’all 🥰 I love you guys so much and here’s to 28 💘

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@selenagomez: Check out how we shot the Past Life music video while still social distancing. This thing is called the Scan Truck. I stepped into it on my own and it scanned my face up close, which is why the music video looks so real! Sometimes technology and art are the perfect match.

Hello everyone! Selena finally posted two new photos on her Instagram. She wears her Puma unity shoes. I love it! Check them out! She looks adorable!

@selenagomez: In the yard, in my @PUMA unity shoes clearly 😊

Hello everyone! Selena posted 4 new selfies last night (May 19) on her Instagram and Rare Beauty’s official Instagram page wearing Rare Beauty’s make-up products. She’s very lovely!

@selenagomez: I had an urge to put my make up on. My papa noticed then proceeded to ask “why do you look like that?” He whistled as he walked away. So there’s that. Wearing all @rarebeauty 😉💋

@rarebeauty: Playing with makeup sometimes just feels good. 💖