Selena was spotted on the set of ‘Only Murders in the Building‘ in New York yesterday (January 20).

Hello everyone! So happy to be back to bring you some news of our beautiful Selena! She has done so many things and beautiful projects recently ♥ I can’t wait for her upcoming projects that are coming very soon! One of them is obviously her new seriesOnly Murders in the Building‘ that will be airing on Hulu! She was seen on the set in New-York City on January 17, 2021! I added +100 HQ candids to the Gallery!

Hey guys! Sorry I couldn’t update recently because I’ve had lost all my passwords but I’m back now and ready to update as much as I can. Let’s get started: Recently, Selena was seen on the set of ‘Only Murders in the Building‘ in New-York City where she is currently filming her upcoming series that will be airing on Hulu! I’ve added lots of photos to the Gallery, you should check it out! Also, make sure to check her recents photoshoots from various magazine. She looks absolutely stunning!

Hey guys! Selena was seen walking behind a friend avoiding cameras after a dinner party at Nobu in Malibu, California yesterday (August 12). You can find 12 candids to the Gallery!

Hello everyone! Selena was seen out with some friends on June 25 in Los Angeles. I added 16 photos to the Gallery!

Hey everyone! Selena finally went out for a short walk with a friend in Los Angeles yesterday (May 15). I added 15 HQ photos to the gallery! Check them out! She looks adorable!

Hey everyone! On Saturday (May 9), Selena was seen packing up some luggage for a travel day in Los Angeles. I added 12HQ pictures to the Gallery! Check them out!