It’s official! ‘Selena + Chef’ is returning for a second season on HBO Max! The upcoming season will feature more all-star chefs who will guide Selena — remotely, via video conference — through new recipes and cooking techniques. Each episode highlights a different food-related charity.

“Learning from some of the best chefs in the world has vastly improved my cooking skills but I have a lot more to learn, […] I am looking forward to challenging myself in the kitchen on the next season.”

Source: Variety

Rare Beauty is coming very soon! In 9 days, we’ll be able to buy products from Selena’s make up line and let’s be honest: it’s exciting and I can’t wait! In the meantime, I added some new behind the scenes photos from the upcoming photoshoot of the brand! + She also had a new interview with Sephora that you can watch below!

After she finally related the launching date (September 3) of Rare Beauty, Selena shared a new Rare Beauty photo from the photoshoot that I can’t wait to see and share with you! She looks adorable! Check it out to the Gallery!

@selenagomez: I’m SO excited to finally share that @RareBeauty will be launching September 3rd only at @Sephora, @SephoraCanada, @SephoraMx and I’ve had so much fun creating everything and can’t wait for y’all to try it all! I hope you love it as much as I do!

@selenagomez: Check out how we shot the Past Life music video while still social distancing. This thing is called the Scan Truck. I stepped into it on my own and it scanned my face up close, which is why the music video looks so real! Sometimes technology and art are the perfect match.

We don’t have a lot of news of Selena recently due to the quarantine but as we all know, Rare Beauty is coming very soon at Sephora (this summer) and we can’t wait to use the products! The Instagram account @RareBeauty have posted a new photo of Selena behind the scene of her upcoming project! She looks adorable as always!

Hey everyone! I added some new medium quality photos of Selena behind the scene of her new upcoming project ‘Rare Beauty‘ coming this summer at Sephora. I can’t wait to use these products! She looks adorable as always!